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  • Frame and Mat Board Frame and Mat Board       This is a traditional technique for photo mounting to place one or more layers of mat board between the photo and the transparent plexiglass face board for better protection of the photo.
          There are mat boards of different color and level for selection to enable the selected mat board with the frame to set off the color, style of the picture. We have different classes of mat boards in reserve ranging from the economic class up to the high class of acid-free mat board for museum exhibit to meet your requirement.

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  • Aluminum Frame Aluminum Frame       Aluminum frame may be differ than ordinary wood frames in that it caters to the aesthetic standard generally accepted by modern people.
          Among the colors of our high-quality imported aluminum material there are mainly three kinds for your choice, white, black and silver. Frames made by us can also be classified into three kinds, namely the Classic Mat Frame, the Floating Frame and the Spacer Frame so as to suit our clients’ individual needs. The size of any customized frame can be accurate into a millimeter to match with the kind of glass material or mat as required by our clients.

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  • Floating Frame Floating Frame       This is a present-day frame-mounting technique by which a picture mounted on an alu-dibond is placed into a frame without a facial glass. This technique is nice in that it may allow a visitor to touch the picture placed in a topless frame.
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  • Floating Box Floating Box       This is a technique by which the picture mounted on the back board is kept in a wood box with a glass face for protection purpose. This technique also gives the floating picture a 3 dimensional effect.
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  • Spacer Frame Spacer Frame       By Spacer Frame we refer to a technique which places a picture mounted onto an outstretched plexiglass frame of considerable thickness with the picture clinging close to the back and distanced from the facial plexiglass so as to strengthen its three-dimensional effect.
          Spacer Frame creates an impression of space. The picture seems to be placed in a box when viewed from different angles it gives an obvious three-dimensional effect.

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