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  • Canvas Wrap Canvas Wrap       A picture after having been printed on canvas can be spread and secured on its ends onto a wooden framework for display so as to give it an antique and romantic flavor. The canvas wrap we offer is divided into two kinds, one called single color wrap, the other known as mirrored wrap.
          By single color wrap we use the edge of canvas printing as border so that the side color looks the same as the color on the edge of the picture. Our client may choose a color in his or her liking to be the border color and to give it an interesting effect.
          By mirrored wrap we duplicate the color near the edge of the picture and the duplicated border will be bound to the wooden framework to give the picture a 3-dimentional effect when viewed from different angles.

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  • Floating Frame with Canvas Wrap Floating Frame with Canvas Wrap

          A canvas wrap picture after it has been made can be put into a delicate floating-frame for display.

          Our clients may choose L-shaped edge of wood or aluminum material to frame a canvas wrap picture to show artistic feel and taste.

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